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Nov 11, 2012 11:00am EST
programs who are also actors. they're no longer just observers. that's also true with paul at cnn. it's not just karl. but karl's running the, you know, multi-- hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising. >> why do cable networks and not just fox news allow people who are still in the game, who are partisans, who are helping to raise money, come on and be paid pundits? >> first of all, that was great television, okay? >> it was. it's riveting. >> that's one of the reasons they put them on there. they give good television. however, that meltdown was indicative of what is really wrong with what's going on in network news and cable news. the mixing of pundits and not just pub dids but hill pundits, karl rove with $300 million in his pocket before this election, with real reporters on the same sets, and it muddies the waters and it confuses the viewer. and something really should be done not just at fox but cnn and msnbc. >> and a great cheer went up at the romney victory parties which is where i was when he said this. so it also kind of drew out the hope of that crowd who were watching
Nov 18, 2012 11:00am EST
, well, next time they shouldn't all be done by cnn and nbc, show casing liberals beating the heck out of it. first of all there were a number of debates hosted by fox news and second off all, it sounds like he's blames the media for those debates. >> anybody but himself. >> and the republican party is supposed to be a party of personal responsibility and it gives us inside how romney is a process person instead of looking at greater vision and what his campaign is about. and we saw this op piece from karl rove making similar points. >> newt gingrich got a lot of attacks in those debates but by and large, they were fair. >> he won every debate. >> it actually helped him. >> let's be graceful loser here. it's such the doubt of somebody who loses that you blame the media. you know, the republican governors' meeting got a lot of coverage by the meeting that's racing off to do 2016 that's looking who among here is the candidate. they were far more critical of romney. >> at least they did it on the record. >> on the record. amy holmes, tara mckelvey, mar graduate, terry smith. >>> up next,
Nov 4, 2012 11:00am EST
, we have a former washington burro chief for cnn and a cnn contributor. "washington post" opinion section, it has prognosticators forecasting the election. almost everyone says president obama is going to win except for a gop strategist and the horse racing columnist. is there a group think going on at this point? >> i think so but it's based on other things. we know where barack obama is ahead and mitt romney is ahead and where things are too close to call and people can do the math. that's what you're thinking. >> in the one poll it's 48%/489%. i wonder if journalists are putting too much faith in these polls because thee are small leagues. >> i like that the horse racing columnist, he picks a favorite, right? sometimes when grow to the track, do you that. back in 2000 we didn't have a place to go to aggregate all of the polls. now view have access to so much data, so much state-level data that you can sit there and go state by state and actually have a somewhat more informed opinion about what's going to happen in ohio. so i see reliance on polls by journalists as one of the go
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)